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SPE is the sustainable building expert that determines and compares levels of home sustainability by using a simple questionnaire, from any country in the world.

SPE assesses the aspects related to financial spending linked to the property. In this regard, aspects associated with maintenance, energy and property expenses, among others, are taken into account.
Health and well-being
Aspects related to health and well-being are all those that contribute to the safety, comfort, well-being and convenience of the people that use a building. SPE assesses aspects like the property’s orientation, light, outside spaces and temperature regulation systems among others. 
The reduction of greenhouse gases through our daily behaviour is the first step that must be taken in the fight against climate change. In this regard, SPE assesses the type of exterior walls, transportation and energy sources, among other aspects, to determine the level of environmental friendliness.
Sustainability report
Sustainability in the building sector revolves around the balance between financial, health and well-being and environmental aspects of properties. Sustainable means those elements that allow energy expenses to be minimised, that are designed to ensure the health and well-being of the residents and that, furthermore, involve low operating and maintenance costs.
The SPE sustainability report determines the details of the points that can be improved in the building in terms of sustainability, and offers a series of recommendations aimed at increasing its levels of sustainability.

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I want to stay in my own home

Know the sustainability level of your home.

Discover which improvements you can make to increase sustainability .

Improve the sustainability level:

  • Reduce the expenses in your home
  • Increase your quality of life
  • Minimise the environmental impact and contribute to the fight against climate change

I want to change home

Know the sustainability level of each the homes you visit.

Compare the sustainability of each of the homes.

Choose the most sustainable home and one that allows you to:

  • Save money by reducing expenses (in the home, transportation, etc).
  • Have a home with the best health and well-being features.
  • Reduce the environmental impacts and contribute to the fight against climate change.

I buy and sell homes

Know the sustainability level of each the homes.

Compare the sustainability levels of each home against another.

Offer the most sustainable homes that have most added value:

  • Offer homes with a higher economic value
  • Offer homes with the best living conditions (aeration, light, accessibility, etc.)
  • Offer homes that respect the environment

SPE’s commercial benefits

To raise awareness among home users, buyers and developers about the importance of sustainability in home construction and use, SPE would like to encourage their users to obtain discounts or better conditions from insurance company services, banks, local government institutions or other organisations that adhere to the SPE initiative.
In response to a clear position in favour of developing sustainable property, SPE’s partner companies offer their users discounts on their services and contribute to the maintenance of this tool.

How it works

  • Fill in the questionnaire on the features of the home(s).
  • Know the sustainability level of the houses or in your home.
  • Automatically compare them to find out which home is most sustainable.
  • Obtain detailed information on which parts you can improve in each of the homes and discover how much you can save.